Our Story

A former Chicago native, our founder Jen came to the Gold Coast in Australia in Feb of 2016.  She wanted to create a skincare line that worked directly with small farmers while giving back to women charitable organisations. The anti beauty junkie wanted to create just a few . That’s why she created Avec. To have people buy one product, not five different products. 

It all started with the skincare industry. It’s still ruled by large corporations that spend big to get their products that take over store shelves in grocery stores and chemists. And you’re stuck with their choices. Unhealthy ingredients, natural products that don’t work, outdated aesthetics, and too many products that our skin doesn’t need and can actually hurt our skin.

So we created our own skincare brand. Each bottle is still handmade by our team in Currumbin — we’re proud to be making something you can feel good putting on your skin.

Jen discovered skincare making and herbalism in 2014. There, she experienced how corrupt the beauty industry was. Most companies are run by a few corporate giants where their main goal is the bottom line and to please their shareholders. The price for these products go into expensive store front shops, ads in beauty magazines and CEO salaries, not on the ingredients. Unfortunately with the rise of natural beauty — theres flaws of fear mongering and products that just don’t work. Most products are purchased from bulk shops where ingredients are sitting in a warm warehouse for months and months and even years, deteriorating the quality and potency of the product. 

That’s why at Avec, we work directly with each farmer to ensure every ingredient is picked at the height of the plant's potency which means only the most bioactive herbs are used in our formulations. This process powerfully support your whole body and translates to glowing results for your skin.