Jennifer Plahm

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We don’t use any plastic in our packaging. Our bottles are miron glass jars that can be recycled or reused. Our serum boxes and shipping boxes are made from recyclable materials.  Our shipping tape is certified to break down in a commercial compost facility within 60 days.

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Our Sourcing

We pride ourselves on sourcing directly from organic and sustainable Australian farms. We work closely with each farmer, with every ingredient hand-picked at the height of harvest. Our farmers press oils and grow herbs specifically for us which is quite unheard of in the skincare industry.
Our superior quality ingredients have been meticulously sourced with botanicals delivered at their peak freshness to preserve the integrity of each flower, leaf and stem.

Giving Back

A percentage of your AVEC purchase will be invested in a female-focused charity.  We believe our customers want to feel the difference and make a difference. Currently we’re supporting Safe Steps - they’re a support service for anyone in Victoria who’s experiencing family violence, or is concerned they will do.  

Our Team

At AVEC we are female focused in every aspect of our business. From our photographers to our accountant and bookkeeper, we hire a 100% female team.


Bioactive Nutrient Serum 

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