Feed Your Skin Vitamins & Minerals

Vitamins & Minerals In The Bioactive Nutrient Serum

We all know our lives should be filled with vitamins and minerals. Our body needs them to function at its optimal level and - as you may already know - so does our skin! But… how do we identify them in our skincare?

When it comes to skincare, formulation is king.  

 The way in which ingredients are carefully selected and then masterfully blended matters. If you’ve ever turned over your favourite skincare products and looked at the INCI (read: ingredients) list, you were probably confused about what each individual ingredient does and its purpose in the formulation. Today, we’re breaking down the incredible bioactives that are found in the AVEC Bioactive Nutrient Serum. While we may already know and love the benefits of each individual botanical, we want to make sure that you do too. So, let’s break down that black bottle and tell you all our secrets!

The primary active ingredient used in AVEC’s serum is Jojoba Seed Oil.  

The jojoba plant is a heart, perennial plant that’s native to North America and thrives in harsh desert conditions. When applied topically, jojoba oil has a similar structure to the natural oils our skin is comprised of, and thus is readily absorbed into the skin taking all the other ingredients with it. Not only does it accelerate healing, it’s also high in nutrient-dense vitamins A, E, and D, as well as antioxidants and fatty acids, which help keep skin soft and supple.

Rose Otto Oil encompasses pure luxury, and provides a grounding rose-scented base to the Bioactive Nutrient Serum. Harvesting and extracting Rose Otto oil is a labour-intensive process resulting in an oil that’s rare and precious. For the skin, it softens fine lines, increases elasticity, supplies intense moisture and - due to its high vitamin content - it reduces the appearance of age spots. 

Calendula is a gorgeous perennial flower that belongs to the daisy family. Their vibrant orange hue is indicative of their high beta carotene content which converts into Vitamin A when applied. Calendula protects collagen, and elasticity, while stimulating the fibroblasts (the cells that produce these essential proteins). 

While these three active ingredients work hard to improve visible signs of ageing, other botanicals within the Bioactive Nutrient Serum were chosen specifically to tackle inflammation. Chamomile and Comfrey extracts are anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antibacterial and are powerful antioxidants. Chamomile is also hypoallergenic and neutralises free radicals, which helps to decrease skin irritation.

Next up in this heavenly INCI list, we have Lemon Balm and Nettle which work in tandem to tighten skin, increase circulation and strengthen skin tissue. This results in skin that’s firmer, brighter and less prone to inflammation.

Red Clover has a long history of being used to treat traditionally uncomfortable skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and general rashes that appear. The isoflavones in red clover have estrogenic properties, ensuring balanced, vibrant skin.

Echinacea and Burdock are another super team that is present in the Bioactive Nutrient Serum. Echinacea is like your best friend who always knows when to bring tea to cheer you up (by calming and cooling down skin). Burdock’s power anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial action soothes breakouts and further calms skin.  

Lemon Myrtle and Rosemary both also work on calming acne and soothing the irritation that comes along with a breakout. Through their balancing action, sebum is regulated, skin is less red and breakouts become less frequent. While we’re almost certain you have a bottle of Olive Oil in your kitchen, its high omega fatty acid content is also excellent for your skin, due to its ability to reduce dry spots and patches of flakiness and by improving elasticity. Olive Oil is lauded as a skincare ingredient due to how gentle it is on the skin, while promoting glowing skin. 

Finally, Lavender makes an appearance. While lavender is an incredible aromatherapeutic ingredient, it’s also well utilised for its soothing properties and its ability to lighten and brighten scarring..

While navigating the world of skin care can be intimidating, once you start to delve into the world of ingredients and bespoke formulation, it becomes a lot easier. When you opt for formulas like AVEC’s Bioactive Nutrient Serum, you’re choosing an option that forgoes traditional filler ingredients, and instead focuses on botanicals – which means you’re presented with an INCI list that’s easier to navigate.

One final point: it’s also important to remember that when using botanically bioactive skincare, the sourcing of ingredients also plays a massive role. You, ideally, want to be using formulations that are farm-to-bottle. This will ensure optimum potency, freshness and benefit for your skin, as each ingredient is utilised when it’s at its best. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed having the curtain pulled back with our secrets revealed about each and every ingredient we use in the Bioactive Nutrient Serum. They all serve a unique purpose in the formula, and work in their distinctive symmetry to deliver to you skin that radiates with health. 

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