Less Is More

When it comes to skincare and beauty products, less is more. Your skin WANTS to be happy. When it’s not happy, it’s telling you that something in your life isn’t playing a supporting role to your skin. 

If you have a routine with eight products - or you switch up your routine frequently - it’s nearly impossible to figure out the culprit when your skin starts behaving differently. If your routine is simple and steady - with only a few products - you’ll have more clarity about what needs to be adjusted, and an easier time tracking the results of any changes you make. 

 Here’s What You Need To Know: 

  •  Our skin system moisturises and balances out oils naturally. 
  •  We want products with ingredients that enhance what our skin does biologically (like our Bioactive Nutrient Serum).
  •  Applying too many products all at once can suffocate your skin - layering up prevents ingredients from sinking into your skin.


Over-exfoliation is all too common and can lead to irritation, red, dry, oily or shiny skin and long-term deterioration. Take a step back and talk to your dermatologist or facialist about how often (or less often) you should be exfoliating. 

Over Cleansing 

 When you over cleanse, you can strip your skin of the oils that keep it healthy and balanced and damage your skin barrier. If your skin has rashes or adult acne it can be associated with over cleansing.  

What To Do Next: 

  • Do you need that fifth or sixth product? Or can you hold off and see what you can achieve without it? 
  • Make a skin journal and write down all your products: when you use them, how many times and if your skin reacts to them.  
  • Take your time with the products you purchase. Look for brands and ingredients that help nourish your skin (like our Bioactive Nutrient Serum) and don’t harm your skin.