Female-Focused Interview Series: Lucy Fitzgibbons


A new series where we catch up with our favourite women to talk about all things wellness, skin and careers.  Our first interview is with the lovely Naturopath, Lucy Fitzgibbons. 


1) What is your occupation? 

I am a clinical naturopath. My clinic is 100% online which is great as I can treat patients all over Australia. I work mostly in the world of fertility, it's such an honour to help couples prepare for conception. I also work closely with women’s hormones and mental health.  

2) Whats the one piece of skin health advice you give your clients? 

With any client that presents with skin concerns I always tell them to look internally. Treating the root cause of skin issues is key - whether this be hormones, gut health, stress or diet. Education is key and I like to teach my clients about how all their symptoms are intertwined and connected. Its often a domino effect, if one area of the body is imbalanced it will cause symptoms to pop up in other areas…. yes, your constipation can be causing your hormonal acne.  

"Treating the root cause of skin issues is key - whether this be hormones, gut health, stress or diet."

3) What does your AM routine consist of? 

Wake up, splash face with water and apply my skin care. I also make my way to the kitchen where I lovingly dig my gua sha from the depths of the freezer and rub it under my eyes. Honestly, I’m not sure if it makes me look any different but I do it because it makes me feel fresh and alive. I then go for a walk to get the bod moving.  



4) What is your favourite way to destress?  

Nature, nature, nature! and meditation.   

"Nature, nature, nature! and meditation."   

5) What book have you read recently that you loved?

  I'm in a bookclub so I read a lot of fiction. My favourite of all time has been 'Where the Crawdads Sing’ by Delia Owens. 

6) Favourite place to escape to?  

 I have a ritual every Friday where I wander down to Pottsville for an infrared sauna at Cosm. It is like a little sweaty reward for working hard during the week. In terms of my absolute favourite place- well, its a little local beach that I will have to keep a secret for now ;)  

7) Where can we find you?