Face Oils 101

The Decadent Addition to Your Routine

There’s something magical about using a facial oil: about opening the packaging… dripping it into your palms… warming it up, then massaging it in. While the ritual itself is intoxicating, there’s plenty of reasons why adding facial oil into your routine is so essential. Before we get completely lost in the moment, let’s take a minute to break down facial oils – why they’re so fabulous, what they do and how they differ from other products in your skincare routine; and why organic facial oils are the way to truly elevate your skin to the next level.

What is a facial oil? 

 A facial oil is exactly what it sounds like – a blend of plant and essential oils concocted together which deliver concentrated nutrition and skin identical fatty acids that help keep your skin at optimal health. As healthy skin has a natural balance of oil and water, supplementing skin with facial oils helps to ensure that this balance is at its optimal ratio. As your skin naturally has oils in it, when you provide it with an ingredient it recognises, it can utilise the highly stable nutrients in facial oils making them exceptionally kind, gentle and effective. 

So… what does a facial oil do? 

Beyond supplementing your skin with fatty acids, supplying antioxidants to protect against free radical damage and sealing in the skincare applied underneath – what a facial oil does is highly dependent on the formula. Ideally, you should seek a farm-to-skin based oil where the ingredients are sourced from the plant and delivered to your skin. Avec’s Bioactive Nutrient Serum is a true A-Beauty Hero. With a base of jojoba seed oil, it helps to condition skin, repair damage and deliver an unbeatable glow. Jojoba oil has a similar composition to our skin’s own natural sebum, meaning it’s both incredibly beneficial and easily absorbed by our skin.  When you introduce a facial oil to your skincare routine, you’ll notice improved radiance, less dryness and irritation, reduced sensitivity, less fine lines and if you’re acne-prone: a reduction in blemishes. Facial oils are really the unsung heroes of a skincare routine.

How is facial oil different from the other products in my routine? 

 Introducing an organic facial serum oil into your routine – like Avec’s Bioactive Nutrient Serum might feel confusing at first, but rest assured it has its place! 

Facial creams and moisturisers are truly hallmark products and are essential to your routine. However, facial creams are an emulsion which is a blend of water and oils. Because of the base of water, this means that the amount of beneficial fatty acids being delivered into your skin in comparison to a more concentrated product are minimal.

Our facial oil is a pure blend of farm-to-skin ingredients. They have no water and therefore are 100% active. The Bioactive Nutrient Serum is a blend of 14 botanical extracts that are all sourced from Australian farms. The herbs, plants, flowers and oils go through a 30-day full spectrum infusion. The extraction process ensures that every single ingredient in the formula is bioavailable – that is, it can be absorbed and used by your skin. Every single ingredient has been meticulously chosen for its skin-loving benefits to deliver you maximum benefits in only four drops. 

 Because facial oils are so concentrated and effective, less is truly more. Start with two to four drops, warm it up gently in the palms of your hand and press and massage it into your skin for approximately 45 seconds. If you’re using multiple products in your routine, follow the thinnest to thickest rule. Start with toners or essences, follow with a serum, and moisturiser and seal all the goodness in with your facial oil.

Why do facial oils work so well for all skin types? 

For a long time, the word oil was sacrilegious in skincare. Thankfully we have seen the light and the benefits of a facial oil. As I noted above, the outermost layer of your skin is comprised of oils. They are an integral part of your skin helping to keep water in. By supplementing your routine with a facial oil, you’re providing your skin with nourishment it can understand and use. 

If you’re oily or acne prone, I know that the concept of introducing a facial oil can be scary - but as they help balance the natural ratio of our skin, they can improve breakouts, and reduce oiliness over time. This is because your skin will no longer feel the need to over-produce and overcompensate with heavy oil production. The anti-inflammatory benefits of facial oils will also be so appreciated by these skin types.

Dry and mature skins will see a softening of fine lines, and improved elasticity and tone through introducing a facial oil. Nourishing parched skin with an oil is the ultimate antidote. 

Simply put, a facial oil is a true non-negotiable for the skin. They offer so many benefits to everyone. I hope that this 101 on facial oils has answered any lingering questions you have and has inspired you to explore the fabulous world of Australian skincare and facial oils. Click here to check out the Avec Bioactive Nutrient Serum and treat your skin to the nourishment it deserves.