Nourish Fine Lines and increases skin elasticity

Bioactive Nutrient Serum

Nourishes fine lines and soothes acne

14 Botanicals

50 ML Bottle

Australian farm-to-skin single solution oil that nourishes fine lines, soothes acne and increases skin elasticity

Quality of ingredients

We pride ourselves on sourcing directly from organic and sustainable Australian farms. We work closely with each farmer and every ingredient is hand-picked at the height of harvest. Our superior quality ingredients have been meticulously sourced with an extreme reverence for botanical properties and delivered at their peak freshness to preserve the integrity of each flower, leaf and stem.
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Our customers love avec

My skin is deeply moisturised and plumped from the serum. It's lightweight and melts perfectly into my skin. It also smells amazing with a natural scent coming from some incredible essential oils like rose otto and lemon myrtle.

Jess Kamarden

The most luxurious oil I've ever used.

Kim Lambert - Celebrity Facialist

I love the farm-to-skin approach that AVEC uses in both their products. For me, treating myself and my skin well is an absolute non-negotiable, but in addition I also consider the long-term effects of my purchasing decisions. Not only do these products reduce your carbon footprint, but they give your skin the luxury treatment it deserves.

Kelly Smith-Keen

The Bioactive Nutrient Serum is a game changer for the texture and complexion of my skin. I really love the serum and I consider a face massage an important part of my skin-care routine.

Janette Bailey

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